Year 6 English Autumn term

These are some activities to support the work your child is doing in English this term. Please feel free to ask or answer any questions at the bottom of the page.

Year 6 children need to use their knowledge of prefixes, suffixes and word roots to help them spell difficult or new words. Encourage your child to look out for words with these beginnings and endings.

Here are some examples of the
many prefixes which are added
to English words:

aero, aqua, audi, bi, con,
cred, duo, in, micro, oct, photo,
port, prim, sub, tele, tri, ex

Here are some examples of the
many suffixes which are added
to English words:

able, acy, ary, ation, ess, graph,
ful, hood, fold, ing, ism, ist,
less, most, ness, ship, some



By Year 6, most children have become independent readers. Your child may be bringing home a reading book regularly from the school library. Your child needs to continue to read to develop vocabulary, improve flow, scanning skills, comprehension and pronunciation. Here are some ways you can continue to help your child.

1. Encourage your child to read a wide variety of books. Some children prefer only stories or information books. Poetry books are usually appreciated and there are many collections on different themes now available at the local library or bookshop.
2. If your child likes a particular book, look for others by the same author. Also, your library can recommend other authors who write similar books.

By Year 6 your child should be able to discuss opinions about texts, likes and dislikes, using appropriate terms...point of view, style, theme, dialogue, description, character, setting etc.