Year 4 Maths Autumn term

These are some activities to support the work your child is doing in Maths this term. Please feel free to ask or answer any questions at the bottom of the page.


You can make up problems like these at any time for your child to solve. Use similar ideas and numbers when you are at home, shopping, gardening, travelling, playing with toys, planning outings, parties, events, visiting relatives…
Take odd moments to practise - in the car, in the bath, waiting for the bus.

Problems using add +
Year 4's charity cake sale:

1. Tom brings 30 buns, Jenny brings 18 and Nadim brings 22. How many buns in total?
2. 22 buns are sold at 10p each. How much is that?
3. 30 buns are sold at 2p each. What is the total?
4. Christmas cookies are in bags of 5. How many bags are needed for 100 cookies?
5. Liz takes £3.20, Al takes £1.82 and Joe takes £8.15. What is the total amount taken?


This term Year 4 children should check they can convert pounds to pence and pence to pounds. You can practise this whenever you use money...dinner money, pocket money, buying crisps, sweets, comics.

Can you convert these to pounds?
1. 132p = £1.32
2. 154p =_____
3. 322p =_____
4. 505p =_____
5. 120p =_____
6. 209p =_____

Can you convert these to pence?
1. £3.24 = 324p
2. £4.02 =____
3. £2.02 =____
4. £7.55 =____
5. £1.12 =____
6. £0.77 =____