Children's useful links - English

Here are some links to websites with activities to support the English curriculum. They have all been checked by teachers. Please feel free to add your own suggestions at the bottom.

Poetry 4 kids Written by Ken Nesbitt, the 40 poems featured here are all of a humorous nature.

Visual thesaurus An exciting way to visual words. Try it out for a trial period.

Poetry archive You can search for children's poems and hear some of them read out loud. There is information about the poet too.

Magic keys books Lots of big books for younger children.

Harry Potter website

Haiku poems This site defines the poetry term, explains how to write it and provides masses of examples, both old and modern.

Chambers Lots of activites with words...finding anagrams, crossword clues, synomnyms etc.

Looking for a good book? This site is about books for children and teenagers. It is written for intelligent young readers who are keen to choose their own books. Try the Book chooser!