Early Years - Nursery and reception, Summer term


Here are some of the activites you can share with your child to develop each of the areas. These activities come from the Early Years activity pack - see the link at the left.
The focus is on COOKING.

Mathematical development.
Set the table: how many spoons, forks for 2 people, 3 or 4 people?
Count objects such as toys, chips, peas, shoes or socks in twos.
Ask ‘How many toys float in the bath? How many sink?’
Count fingers, shoes in the hall, panes of glass, steps up to bed etc.
Ask how many blue things can you see? Count the tins of beans or even count the beans on your plate! 

Personal, social and emotional development.

Discuss issues of hygiene such as ‘Why do we need to clean our hands?’
Consider cooking for other members of the family. Who has personal preferences, special dietary requirements?
Plan menus for special occasions.

Communication, language and literacy.
Read recipes, identify sounds and key words.
Find letters of your name in the recipe.
Find numbers.
Retell how to make the recipe to an adult, grandma, friend.
Describe what the biscuits or cakes look like and how they feel, taste and smell.

Physical development.

Find opportunities to climb, hop, step, roll, jump, crawl, tiptoe. Use the appropriate verbs!
Discuss issues of keeping healthy, healthy food at meal times, keeping fit through exercise, hygiene such as clean teeth and bodies.

Make cookies exploring their shapes and textures. Decorate with icing, different colours, or use chocolate drops, Smarties, raisins etc.
Investigate texture, smell and appearance of a variety of recipes.
Use hands to mix whilst feeling the ingredients change.