Year 1 English Autumn term

These are some activities to support the work your child is doing in English this term. Please feel free to ask or answer any questions at the bottom of the page.

This term Year 1 children will be consolidating work on rhyming words from last year. Encourage your child to play with rhyming words, look for them in your reading, enjoy them in rhymes and poems you read, play rhyming games in the car, at bed time, on the way to school.

Words which
sound like


Many children enjoy writing their own story books. Here are some guide lines:

· Look together at stories in books to see how they are organised...introduction to characters and setting, development of events and a conclusion.
· You could make a small folded book from A4 paper (white or coloured for variation).
· Try making a zig zag book from a longer piece of paper or a book with pop ups. You can help your child to add opening doors, or pop up parts for interest. (There are books available if you want further instructions.)
Try to add features from real books...make a cover, add the author's name, think of a title, put page numbers etc.