Year 3 English Autumn term

These are some activities to support the work your child is doing in English this term. Please feel free to ask or answer any questions at the bottom of the page.

Year 3 children find punctuation marks difficult to use.
Here is a good way to practise:
Cut out large question and exclamation mark in card.
Say some sentences to your child, either questions or exclamations and your child has to hold up the right sign. Keep them moving quickly!
(You could also make a full stop card for statements.)

Add question or exclamation marks to these sentences.

What is your name __
Look out __
Where is the stamp __
Open the door now __
Help __
Ouch __
Who is it __
Let go now __
What time is it __
What's for dinner ___



A verb is a word (or group of words) which names an action or state of being:
past - I ate, I have eaten
present - I look, I am looking, I do look
future - I will work, I will be working
Help your child to look out for verbs in speech and reading. By Year 3 children should be using verb tenses with increasing accuracy. When appropriate correct your child's mistakes.

Can you find the verbs in this sentence and underline them?
Billy jumps on the bed.
I drank my apple juice.
The balloons flew away in the sky.
Josh caught the ball.
Write your name here.
Jack swims at the pool every day.
The men ran down the stairs.